Maintaining Your Skin Between Appointments

If you are one of our Sydney-based clients, you too will currently be in the midst of an extended lockdown. One of the most difficult facets of these periods is the uncertainty around when restrictions will be lifted, and not knowing when you can resume your day-to-day activities - including your personal appointments.

Spending your time predominantly indoors can have major effects on the health of your skin, particularly for those regular clients whose skin has become accustomed to visits every two, three, or four weeks. Throw in some increased stress levels, lack of sleep, reduced exercise and frequent mask-wearing, it is quite common for even the most well-behaved skins to be wreaking havoc during times like these.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share a few tips on how to combat these aggressors, and maintain your skin’s health whilst at home and unable to visit us in the clinic.

Wash your mask regularly - Be sure to wear either a fresh disposable mask or wash your reusable mask as often as possible, as they provide a thriving environment for bacteria that can cause breakouts.

Always moisturise under your mask - the heat underneath our masks can cause transepidermal water loss, leading to dry patchiness and flakiness. Be sure to apply moisturiser before popping on your mask, which creates a barrier to seal in your active serums and keep moisture in. If you experience breakouts, try a moisturiser with zinc for its calming and antibacterial properties.

Address sensitivity - masks can often be aggravating to some skins and cause sensitivity, or even perioral dermatitis. If you are experiencing any sensitivity, redness, rashes or breakouts around the mouth and chin region, pause the use of your exfoliating agents, Vitamin Cs, retinols, or ingredients that may aggravate the area further, until skin has calmed down. Continue applying hydrating, calming ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, aloe vera, and gentle moisturisers.

Wear sunscreen - many believe that sunscreen is unnecessary when working from home, until they choose to go outside. However, while the majority of UVB radiation is blocked by glass, some UVA is still able to penetrate. Be sure to wear sunscreen every day, even if you aren’t going outside.

Stay active - your skin’s natural mechanisms rely on quality circulation and oxygenation in order to function properly. This is why a lack of activity can result in dullness and sluggishness. Feed your body, mind and skin by going for some exercise outside or in the comfort of your home - whichever suits you best.

Don’t skip on your routine - many of us suffer from lack of motivation or energy during periods of isolation. However, do your best to maintain your skin routine - not only will this keep your skin in shape, but you may find the routine and regularity peps you up and provides some motivation to go about your day, particularly if you find it difficult to get up in the morning. Try incorporating some invigorating cold water into your morning cleanse to get you (and your skin’s circulation!) moving.

Top up your at-home products - with the uncertainty around when you may be back in for your next appointment, let us help you maintain your skin treatments at home. Lisa Rush is currently delivering throughout Sydney, and we have a range of treatment serums, masks, even at-home peels that we can customise for you.
We also have our Universkin virtual consultation that will provide you with a detailed and customised diagnosis and skincare plan to suit your skin’s ever-changing needs. Did we mention it’s complimentary?

To all of our clients, we miss you dearly, and cannot wait to welcome you back into the clinic soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your skin, please feel free to reach out to us - we would love to hear from you!