At Lisa Rush Skin Clinic we offer a range of treatments and uniquely formulated products to keep your face looking and feeling its best. Our skin fitness treatments focus on strengthening, brightening, and hydrating the skin.


Perfect for a quick skin 'pick me up', event preparation, or for some serious skin changing results our treatments can be personalised to your skin needs.


Many patients benefit from the gentle yet effective revitalisation that comes with Lisa Rush’s clinical facials/peels. Our treatments can enhance the results of more invasive skin procedures or work well in isolation to improve the texture and tone of the skin.

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Utilising the latest Ultraformer III technology this medifacial combines the delivery of collagen boosting ultrasound to ‘lift and plump’, and active skin ingredients to deliver real results.

Ideal for a pre party, or wedding boost this facial has no downtime and will leave you with plumper and more radiant skin. The best part is that the collagen boosting activity will continue to improve and if performed regularly can provide measurable ‘lifting’ results.

Give your skin the ultimate boost with our pre treatment signature medifacial.

Formulated with pure botanical actives, and scientific know-how, this treatment can transform skin gently, and effectively and is the perfect ‘lunch time’ pick me up, or pretreatment boost. All of our clinical peels and facials also include a complimentary Healite II.

All skin types. All of our treatments are tailored to your individual skin needs. No treatment preparation is required.


Skin Firming Facial $550
Signature Medifacial $180
Signature Medifacial ‘Add On’ $60