For people looking for a more ‘natural’ approach to treatments then Platelet Rich Plasma treatments otherwise known as PRP could be the treatment of choice for you. Utilising your own blood plasma it works to regenerate and revitalise the skin, and can also stimulate hair growth.


Perfect for improving overall skin texture and tone. More specific target areas include; dark circles and fine lines around the eyes, hair thinning, face and neck rejuvenation.


Platelet rich plasma treatments involve taking a sample of blood under strict sterile techniques and reinjecting the plasma which is rich in platelets into the target areas of concern encouraging collagen, elastin and stimulating the circulation.

Treatments are usually performed 4-6 weeks apart initially. All of our treatments include microneedling, and Healite II in order to maximise your results.

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PRP treatments do create some mild swelling and redness in the first 24hours which tend to settle down in a short period of time. This treatment relies on optimum blood health and so is not suitable for people whom have had recent infection or certain medical conditions. At your consultation a full medical disclosure is required and so that suitability for treatment can be assessed.


$1500 x 3 treatments scalp, face, neck or decollete
$550 per session scalp, face, neck or decollete



Lisas ethos is ‘Beauty with Integrity.’

Lisa offers an extremely professional approach to her practice. She wants to treat each client for their own individual needs and understands from her ten years of consultation and practice every face is unique and beautiful in its own way and should be treated such. Beauty is a feeling and with Lisa she want you to look your best on the outside so you can feel the best on the inside.