The Healite II low level light therapy is utilised to not only enhance your recovery, and results, but also as an excellent stand alone treatment to rejuvenate the skin or destroy the bacteria responsible for acne.


Perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types, the Healite II assists with healing, reduces inflammation, and gives your skin a targeted glow. It is not only great for the skin but also great for the mind as the warming sensation creates a perfect relaxing sensation.

All skin types - ageing, acne, redness


By sending gentle energy into the deep skin tissue, light therapy works on a cellular level to combat acne, stimulate collagen production, reduce redness and irritation and,enhance healing.

The Healite II utilises several different wavelengths to activate different targets. The 415nm Blue light wavelength is used for the treatment of active acne and congestion, whilst the 830nm yellow light is the treatment of choice post procedures, and for any inflammatory skin conditions.

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This fast yet effective treatment is an excellent lunch time procedure with no downtime. Recommended as an add on post procedures. If treating as a standalone course we recommend a series of 10 x treatments which can be performed up to 3 times per week. This treatment is not suitable for anyone on light sensitising medications.


Post treatment ‘Add on’ $60
1 x Healite session $120
10 x Healite sessions $1000