At Lisa Rush Skin Clinic we offer a range of treatments and uniquely formulated products to keep your face looking and feeling its best. Our skin fitness treatments focus on strengthening, brightening, and hydrating the skin.


Results are noticeable from the first treatment but improve with regular use. It’s a great non invasive way of minimising fine lines, sun damage, nasolabial folds, brown spots and congested and oily skin. Also a dermatology recommended treatment for acne.


Perfect for a quick skin ‘pick me up’, event preparation, or for some serious skin changing results our treatments can be personalised to your skin needs.

See the two treatments we offer below.

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Known in the industry as the red carpet facial, this fast but highly effective treatment, is perfect for people who need to have photo ready skin fast with no downtime.
The treatment is a relaxing combination of two very effective masks that when repeated on a regular basis can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and create a deeply cleansed and healthy looking skin.

If you are looking for serious skin results then the Prodigy peel system may be the most suitable treatment for you. Suited for more lighter skin types, the Prodigy peel system combines powerful ingredients to assist in clearing uneven skin tone, congestion, and more advanced signs of ageing.
Some degree of downtime is expected with this treatment. Peeling or flaking of the skin may be experienced 3-4 days post treatment which when supported with our prescribed home care routine leaves you with visible results.

IS Clinical Fire & Ice facial is suitable for all skin types
IS Clinical Prodigy peels are suitable for lighter skin types looking to reduce pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, or clearing of the skin