Lisa's Top Celebrity Treatments

Our 10 Questions With Adriana Fernandez, celebrity stylist and Big Brother 2021 contestant, reveals the top in-demand aesthetic, beauty and body treatments of the year.

Ever wondered what the most popular celebrity beauty treatments are, their most common skin concerns, or what they do to get camera ready?

One of our beloved Lisa Rush clients is Adriana Dernandez, Westfield’s Head Stylist, 2021 Big Brother Contestant, and style consultant to the stars. A regular visitor to the clinic and lover of skincare, Adriana often refers clients to Lisa for her radiant and natural-looking results.

"I am so glad I have met Lisa,” says Adriana. “Since seeing Lisa I look younger, and my skin looks and feels so much healthier. Lisa creates a very natural look which I absolutely love, and always applies my treatments with honesty and professionalism.”

One of the country’s busiest and most in-demand style gurus, Adriana took us through a quick 10-questions-with in order to shed some light on her top treatments of the moment, and the secrets behind hers and her celebrity clientele’s camera-ready glow.

Tell about yourself
I am a freelance Personal Fashion Stylist based in Sydney.

How long have you been a stylist?
I have over 20 years’ experience in women’s and men’s fashion, and as Head Stylist for Westfield Sydney as well as countless VIP clients and PR agencies across Sydney.

How long have you been visiting Lisa?
Approximately just over two years.

What are your top three favourite treatments at Lisa Rush Skin Clinic?
The Ultraformer III, the HydraFacial Elite and microneedling.

Does your work in personal styling ever cross over into beauty recommendations?
Every client that I have we speak about beauty regimes!

What do you find your clients' major aesthetic concerns are?
Most often it’s dry skin, wrinkles and skin sagging.

As a stylist, what do you think of body contouring treatments?
I'm all for it, it's there for a reason we should all give it a try. Sometimes we need that little bit of help on the way.

What are your celebrity clients' top beauty treatments at the moment?
Filler, the Ultraformer III, and anti wrinkle injections.

How did you find maintaining your skincare routine in the Big Brother house?
It was not hard at all, as I kept to my routine and Lisa had supplied me with everything I needed in the house including hydrating mask and suncream.

Which treatments would you recommend before getting in front of the camera?
I would recommend the Hydrafacial Elite MD and a little touch up with anti-wrinkle injectables to freshen me up.

Want to learn more about these treatments or book one in for yourself? You can make a booking here any time, 24/7, using our online booking system, or if you have any questions, feel free to reach us on social media @lisarushskinclinic or call or text us on 0450 585 159.

About Ultraformer III
The Ultraformer III is the most advanced non-surgical way to lift, tighten and contour the face and body. Whether it’s to firm or plump the skin, target loose sagging tissue, or target pockets of fat the Ultraformer III treatment offers versatility and targeted treatments.

The Ultraformer III is perfect for skin plumping, firming loose and sagging skin and targeting small fat pockets. Best suited for tightening all skin types. An excellent alternative to injectable treatments, and a great treatment for face and body tightening following weight loss.

About HydraFacial
If you want noticeably glowing skin in minimal time, hydrafacial is for you. A pain free relaxing treatment, hydrafacial can cleanse, peel, extract, hydrate, fuse and protect all within 30 minutes and zero downtime post procedure. The smooth and glowy results of the skin hydrafacial delivers are instantaneous, making this the perfect lunchtime pick me up treatment or essential part of your skincare routine before a big event or holiday with results that will last.

Results are noticeable from the first treatment but improve with regular use. It’s a great non invasive way of minimising fine lines, sun damage, nasolabial folds, brown spots and congested and oily skin. Also a dermatology recommended treatment for acne.