MEET FIONA TUCK : The Forensic Nutritionist & Founder of Vitasol 

How did your career in skin and nutrition begin?

I studied skincare in the UK and at the time the training was very different to what it is now. To become a qualified therapist took a minimum of three years full time study which included biochemistry, chemistry and basic nutrition. This was an area that always interested me and after working with skin clients I decided to further my knowledge and study nutritional medicine.

What led you to develop the Vitasol range?  Can you tell us about the products? And some of the key ingredients?

I felt there was a need in the skincare industry to be able to provide clients with not only excellent treatments and topical products but also the highest quality nutritional support. When we are treating complex skin conditions people often forget that the skin relies on key nutrients to be able to function at its optimum. Vita-sol provides natural nutrition to support the skin from within without the use of artificial vitamins, fillers or chemical excipients. We use a variety of wholefoods to source skin loving nutrients such as beta carotene, B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, plant compounds, antioxidants, polyphenols, prebiotics and herbs. 

What are the benefits of these to our skin?

Our skin cells need a variety of nutrients to be able to function at their optimum. Cellular metabolism, antioxidant production, down regulation of pro inflammatory pathways, clearing cellular debris to protect the cell from damage all require a plethora of nutrients and important plant compounds to support cellular function. Our skin also needs nutrients for healthy cell production, cell differentiation and healthy skin barrier function. Making sure that we eat a healthy diet rich in plant foods is important for gut health, general vitality, well-being and of course our skin. The Vita-sol products provide natural nutrients and gut support in easy to take powders that can be added to water, smoothies or juice. 

What are the key points of difference to other nutritional powders on the market?

We are pedantic about quality and use certified organic ingredients where possible. We do not use artificial nutrients, fillers, bulking agents or artificial ingredients like many products on the market. As a skin therapist and nutritionist for me it was important to design the products with a holistic approach and target the products for specific skin conditions.

Do collagen powders actually make collagen?

There are different types of collagen products available on the market and not all collagen products work the same. Some in fact do not even contain any collagen! Fully hydrolysed collagen otherwise known as collagen peptides have been shown to mimic the fibroblast like growth factor to stimulate the fibroblast cell to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Marine collagen has shown superior results when it comes to skin health due to increased skin hydration and skin elasticity. Our Vita-sol Marine Collagen is the purest in the world, sustainably sourced and wild caught. We have had incredible feedback from people after just a few weeks  taking the product and the good thing is that as it is flavourless so you can literally add it to anything even your morning coffee!

What's are your favourite skin tips?

Less is best. Sometimes over cleansing, too much exfoliating or using too many different products can actually make the skin worse. The skin is a living organ and needs to be treated gently with good quality ingredients and supported internally with a healthy diet.

Whats are your favourite in clinic treatments?

I do love a good relaxing facial. There is something magical about the power of touch and a really good face and scalp massage.

Skin tightening has also been amazing for me, the difference it has made is incredible.

Whats been a memorable moment for you in your career?

Probably the first time I had to talk on stage to hundreds of people in Indonesia. It was for a product launch and the press and media we all there taking photos and watching. I was terrified and I remember thinking this is it, I can pretend to faint and not go on stage or I can take a deep breath and go out there and do my thing. It was like a sliding doors moment. Naturally I took the second option and so pleased that I did. 

Do you have any new exciting products in the pipeline?

I am always studying and researching and have a strong interest in nutrition, gut health and the skin microbiome and skin barrier function. We are currently looking into a couple of exciting projects but these can take years to culminate so patience is something that I am having to learn! We do have certified organic naturopathically formulated herbal tea blends launching early 2021. These are designed to not only support problematic skin conditions but we have also included adaptogenic herbs to support conditions such as fatigue and stress.