Our cover girl, top Australian model and patient

How did you career in modelling begin?

My modelling career began with my brother-in-law spotting an advertisement in The Age for a house model at Jantzen swimwear.  It was late 70's, my first car an old VW, Jantzen paid me $20 for one day a week to be their fit model, I remember that payment covered my petrol for the week back and forth to Uni.

You have been an ambassador for Mecca, David Jones, Camilla?  Whats been your funnest modelling project and why?

Yes, Mecca, DJ's, Camilla and many more recently, seems many clients are at last truly embracing diversity.

One of the funniest projects for me of late was Tea Two campaign, well maybe not so funny but quite challenging, whereby I was balancing on one leg whilst holding an iron tea pot over head and a cup of tea in the other hand, then to top it off of course needing to appear totally relaxed and in control.

What are your top beauty tips?

Top beauty tips you ask? Pretty simple really, sleep, water (loving my new soda stream too) fresh fruit/veg and yoga, getting upside down as often as possible.

Which products would we find in your bathroom cabinet?

My bathroom cabinet does have probably way too many products in it at the moment, something my 30 yr old daughter loves when she visits, but my regular go to chose is "Is Clinical" cleansing complex and their Youth intensive creme for night.

Whats are your favourite in clinic treatments, and at home treatments?

In the clinic I love the Ultraformer treatment, not only fabulous results over time but no down time is a game changer for me, I can't afford to be unavailable for work waiting for my skin to heal after some other treatments.  At home I regularly use the Omnilux Face Contour mask, just 10 minutes of beautiful healing light delivers amazing results.

Whats your favourite yoga pose?

Many people ask what's "my favourite yoga pose"  - you'd think I'd have an answer by now, it's so difficult to narrow it down to one pose out of literally thousands, all of which have counter poses......ok, if I'm really pushed, it'd be dog pose, I guess, no wait, handstand, shoulderstand, forward bend.

Whats been a memorable moment for you in your career?

Probably the most memorable moment in my career was only a few years ago when Vogue did a profile on me, I was super chuffed about that, it certainly helped relaunch my career.

We know you have a strong music connection in your life?  Tell us a little bit more about this?

My son Ambrose played guitar and harmonica since he could walk, literally, he was forever busking at Camberwell market and music festivals as a kid. 

Now as a young man he is a member of King Gizzard (they just won an Aria) and frontman for The Murlocs, both bands are going incredibly well, when I'm in London I see crew in the street and in studios wearing the bands Tshirts - gotta love that! - Best hard rock/heavy metal album