For those concerned with uneven skin tone Cosmelan Professional Treatment is a breakthrough procedure that eliminates and controls hyper-pigmentation (dark patches) through a process of intense depigmentation.


Perfect for targeting specific pigmentation symptoms of melasma, post procedure pigmentation, chloasma, solar lentigo and freckles.

Resistant pigmentation, age spots, and uneven skin tone.


Cosmelan is a professional treatment designed to eliminate or reduce dark spots whilst also enhancing skin tone and lumosity.

Cosmelan is a 4 step process - Discover the 4 steps below.

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Step 1 -
An intense depigmenting mask is applied in the clinic and left on for 8-12 hours and removed at home.

Step 2 -
Continuous depigmentation is required with a daily depigmentation routine to enhance the results of the corrective mask. Expect some downtime in this phase with mild to moderate redness and flaking of the skin.

Step 3 -
For 2-3 months post treatment a daily routine of products have to be applied to regulate the overproduction of pigmentation.
For this treatment the maintenance products are just as important as the initial treatment and so a commitment to treatment directions is expected in order to gain the best results.
Mild redness can be experienced.

Step 4 -
Controlling reappearance means ongoing homecare product use for the final 4-7 months. Continuous use of protective products is also strongly recommended in order to maintain long term results and prevent the recurrence of pigmentation.